Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Scheduled Vet Appointment

We had our first scheduled vet appointment today. The dogs got their shots and a checkup exam. They are doing great, except Hope is slightly overweight.

Since my last post, the dogs have been acting more and more like puppies. They have been digging up the plants in my yard, chewing a hole in my carpet, eating my window sill, and chewing a tennis ball sized hole in one of my walls. I have been crating them more to keep them from tearing apart my house. I purchased 2 medium sized crates when I first got the dogs that are the perfect size for them, however they don't want to be in separate crates. So, I need to get a larger crate for them.

Chance's ears have also grown in. I kind of miss the odd looking ears he had. He now has ears that flop down like Hope's.

Here is a video of the puppies playing from a few weeks ago before Chance's ears grew in.


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