Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday, Day 9

I was awakened around midnight last night to one of the dogs cough, cough, cough/gag. I realized that I had not given them their evening meds - what a bad pet parent I am. I was so tired that I stayed in bed and decided to wait to give them meds until this morning.

The puppies are so energetic now that I have to readjust to having them. Just a few days ago they would just sit around all day. Now they attack anyone who comes near them because they want to play. Giving them their morning medicine was fun. First I had to chase them down to put the syringe in their mouths. Once I got them cornered, I had to fight off the other dog who was play biting me wanting to play.

I took them outside in the backyard and decided to put a leash on them for practice. They did better than the last time, but we still have a lot of work to do if they want to go on any walks once they come out of quarantine. They enjoyed barking a bit at the neighbor's dog....

From all the research I have been doing, it seems like my dogs will never be fully free from distemper. It could come back in a week or in 5 years. I also need to worry about the virus eating away the enamel in their permanent teeth. All we can do is be happy for today.


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