Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, Day 4

The girl dog seems to be doing better. She wags her tail and doesn't seem too upset. The boy dog is not getting better yet and doesn't wag his tail. The good news is that they both wagged their tails when my husband petted them this morning. Unlike me, he does not bother them all day trying to feed them and give them medicine, so they probably like him better than me.......

When I was sitting on the floor giving them their medicine this morning, the girl dog crawled in my lap. She must be feeling better. The girl dog also got up and walked around a bit to check out the room. She stopped and stayed a while under my table, then went back to the mat.

I bought new wet dog food at the store today as well as some new dog treats. The dogs were not impressed with the treats, but the boy dog ate a good bit of the food and drank some water. The only problem is that I had to hand feed him one piece of slimy food at a time. He had maybe 20 pieces, so I think he is set with food for the day (he had a little chicken earlier), so I won't have to feed him with a syringe (unless he pukes). I am happy with his eating. Girl dog is still not eating. I gave her some of the dog food gravy via syringe and some of the original dry food dissolved in water.


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