Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, Day 3

I woke up to the female wagging her tail when she saw me and no vomit in the tub. That is a good sign. I took them downstairs to go outside.

I gave them their medicine crushed up in water again. She drank some water on her own. I tried to feed them chicken, but they were not interested. I left it on their mat in case they want it later. I gave them about 10 milligrams each of dog food in water via syringe.

They seem happier. The female dog's breathing is not good, and male dog's breathing is bad.......

We have started to wonder why. Why did we get the dogs when we were not supposed to? Why did they get sick so fast? Maybe because we were supposed to take care of them and keep them alive. Maybe because we have the time and resources to take care of them. If they were at the shelter right now they would almost certainly be put under.......

The male dog had about 15 minutes worth of on and off head tremors around noon, but none before or after that that I have seen.

The dogs are very loving. They enjoy being together and with people. I can almost tell how they are feeling by how close together they are to each other. I am assuming that if they are laying apart they do not feel as well as if they are laying together.

We are still looking for names. My brain is not working too well these days because of all that has been going on. I don't want to name them anything corny like Donald & Daisy or Bonnie & Clyde. I was hoping that their personalities would give us a clue, but they are not showing too much personality these days. Any suggestions?

I weighed them tonight and they are holding at 14 pounds for him and 10 pounds for her without collars.


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