Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday, Day 2

Today I woke up to find minimal vomit, so I am hopeful. I took the dogs outside and they did their business, so apparently they are getting some nutrition. They walk a little when they are outside (maybe 20 feet), but other than that they stay on their mat all day. They switch between sleeping and sitting up about every 30 minutes.

I continue with the syringe of dog food and water after their morning medicine around 8am. I feed them about every 15 to 30 minutes.

The dogs' fevers seem to have gone down or away. I don't have a thermometer to tell for sure, but they don't feel hot like they did at the vet.

The male dog has started a little head tremor. Just a little shake, almost like someone with Parkinson's disease. It is not constant........

I made a chicken for dinner. I took some of the chicken and fed it to the dogs. They actually ate it on their own. Woohoo! The male dog probably at the equivalent of a whole drumstick and the female probably half a drumstick. They also drank a little water on their own. We are now making progress.

Medicine at 8pm.

I let them lay down with me while I watch TV, which they seem to like.

The male dog seems to have stopped the shaking for now.

The female keeps gagging probably once an hour, but not throwing up. It is almost like a gag, gag, and then gag cough at the end. Maybe like a cat with a hairball........

I weigh the dogs on my scale and he weighs 14 and she weighs 10. I took off their collars yesterday to make them more comfortable, so this weight is without their collars that they were wearing when they were weighed the first time.

I am having a hard time managing my time. It seems that the dogs need almost constant care. When I am not caring for the dogs, I am washing towels and blankets that the dogs have peed or puked on. My kids are not getting the attention they deserve. My house is a mess. Hopefully they will be able to feed themselves soon and I can get back to other things.

Time for bed in the tub again.


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